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Massaging your Head is Great for your Hair

If you’ve never had a head massage, now’s the time to start. One of the primary perks of having a significant other in your life is undoubtedly the head massages. Etiquette should prevail of course: he who receives a head massage must repay the favour in kind, whether that’s cooking dinner or allowing the other half to dominate the TV remote for the evening. It’s certainly worth it though, even if you end up in front of a Holby City double bill. The benefits of a head massage The potential benefits of a head massage are plentiful. Firstly, it feels great. I know that’s not particularly scientific, or scientific at all in fact, but if you ever want to see...

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Does Stress Really Cause Hair Loss?

There has long been a link between stress and hair loss. We often say a task or event is enough “to make us tear our hair out”, but perhaps we don’t have to; perhaps if we’re stressed enough, our hair will fall out of its own accord. It’s a scary thought. In fact, that alone is enough to induce stress. The trouble with stress is its completely unavoidable, and the more conscious you are of avoiding it, the more stressed you are likely to be. Thankfully however, the stress we experience on a day-to-day basis, such as arriving at work late or missing a train, is not enough to induce hair loss. So that’s one worry out of the way,...

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Keratin in hair thickening treatment

What is keratin? You may have heard the word keratin before but not really know what it means, other than it has something to do with our hair, right? Keratin is a type of fibrous protein that is mainly found in our skin, hair, nails, in humans, as well as in hoofs, claws, feathers and fur in animals. This is an essential protein for all mammals and humans are no exception, as we rely on keratin for the thickness and density of hair and nails, which serve for protection and are a healthy part of our immune system. Keratin is very important in the human body and has a role to play in the skin’s thickness, moisture retention and absorption...

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KeraFiber Hair Nutrition + Restoration Supplements

Benefits of hair vitamins and supplements   An exceptional daily multivitamin containing zinc, vitamin B, folate, iron and calcium is a reasonable choice, even though there is no secure evidence that vitamins have any meaningful benefit to sever hair loss deficiencies such as alopecia. Recent studies convey advice that: Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid) Is another key contributor to health and beauty may be considerably beneficial and worth considering as Hair loss is a symptom that can ensue as a result of Vitamin C deficiency. Also the deficiency in vitamin A can be behind dry hair, and studies prove that Itchy scalp may cause mild, reversible hair loss. KeraFiber Hair Nutrition + Restoration Supplements KeraFiber...

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Cultural Traditions: Do some cause Hair Loss?

Stress, age, hormones, diet, health problems – there are a huge number of factors out there which can trigger hair loss. Yet there are a few hair loss causes which you may not have considered...  Some hairstyles, usually associated with different cultural and geographical communities, can put a lot of stress on the hair, causing it to thin and shed. From dreadlocks to weaves, tight, heavy hairstyles favoured by communities from West Africa to the Caribbean can have a really detrimental effect on hair follicles. Meanwhile, in places like North America and Europe, hair straightening and glue-in hair extensions take their toll on hair growth. Today we'll be taking a closer look at the negative impact cultural traditions can have...

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