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Thinning hair might be a natural process for many of us, but the truth is that a thin or balding head of hair just isn't attractive. It makes you look a lot older, and it leads to many embarrassing situations. If you are tired of experiencing hair loss, then you might want to try one of the many popular solutions that should help your hair. This article will show you why a lot of the popular or well-known methods aren't that great, and why there is one alternative method that really does the job. 


Creams and Foams 

There are many creams and foams that can help your thinning hair. The most popular brand is Rogaine, and many people have used it to grow back their hair.  You have to use it indefinitely, it only works for certain people and you may not experience overall hair growth.

There is another problem with creams and foams that you typically won't experience with pills. This is a topical product that you have to directly apply to your skin. If your scalp is irritated, then this can cause an intense burning pain. There also seems to be a higher rate of allergic responses to Rogaine.


Surgery is capable of transplanting new hair follicles onto your scalp. Your scalp will typically work with the transplanted hair to build new follicles, and this can lead to substantial hair growth. At the same time, the results are not guaranteed. You may not grow any hair, or the growth may be insignificant.

There are two major problems with surgery outside of its effectiveness. Surgery typically costs thousands of dollars, and many insurance companies won't cover it because this isn't a necessary procedure. The second problem is that surgery causes a lot of pain and swelling. Your scalp can look and feel swollen for weeks, and there may even be permanent scarring after the procedure is finished.

Hair Fiber

The three most popular solutions aren't as effective as people think, so what is effective? Many people don't know about it, but there is an alternative solution that doesn't require you to take any pills, apply any creams or go in for surgery. This visual solution is guaranteed to work, and it will give you a youthful and full head of hair. It also happens to be significantly cheaper. 

This solution is known as hair fiber. KeraFiber is a leading producer in the hair fiber industry, and they create one of the best hair loss concealer products in this niche. It’s a unique solution that will deliver on its promises.

It involves shaking hair fibers over the affected areas of the scalp. The fibers are magnetically charged, and they will instantly bond to your existing hair to fill out your scalp and create a full texture that looks real and natural. It is impossible to tell the difference between your real hair and the hair fibers, and KeraFiber offers nine different base colors that will naturally blend with any hair color.

There are many hair fiber manufacturers, but KeraFiber is easily the best. One of the best reasons to buy KeraFiber is because their product only comes out with shampoo. Many of their competitors use hair fibers that come out from sweating or being out in the rain. There is nothing more embarrassing than losing all of the hair fibers when you are around other people, and with KeraFiber that will never happen. 

There are many solutions to thinning hair and hair loss, but most of them aren't very effective. They will work with certain people, the results are very temporary and it will take months until you notice the difference. The KeraFiber hair thickening fibers work instantly, won't come out until you wash your hair and the results look very natural. If you want to fix the problem of thinning hair, then get KeraFiber.

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