Kerafiber Facts

Unique KeraFiber hair building fiber has the power to seamlessly fill in thinning hair and receding hairlines, which often come to trouble men and women alike as they become more mature. They blend in with natural hair in terms of colour and they even bond to your natural hair for a secure placement. If you want to get back to having the appearance of a full head of thick hair then you really should consider giving KeraFiber a try!

KeraFiber hair fibers are made from wholly natural organic keratin protein. In plain English, that means that they are created from the same type of protein that our ordinary hair is made of. As the fibers are charged with static electricity they intertwine really successfully with your own hair meaning that even a particularly strong gust of wind or sweaty workout will not dislodge the keratin bonds. 

The fibers come in a range of natural colours which allows you to pick the best one or mix and match to best blend with your hair. If you've been reluctant to do something about your thinning hair because of the cost involved or the time-intensive maintenance, then it genuinely is worth giving KeraFiber a try. In just thirty seconds, you can transform yourself from being a self-conscious person with thinning hair to being a confident individual with thick and completely natural looking hair!