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The best hair fiber can help you succeed at work.

The best hair fiber can help you succeed at work.

Mar 23, 2021

The majority of occupations are stressful enough as it is without the additional anxiety caused by hair loss. At your workplace, confidence is the key. Rightly or wrongly, many people judge you on your appearance just as much as on your results. In many occupations, particularly those where face-to-face meetings with clients, customers, and sales prospects play a prominent role, confidence is essential for achieving results. Studies show that nearly 75 percent of men with thinning hair suffer from a lack of confidence. If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect your customers and clients to believe in you either? No matter how good your sales pitch may be, your success rates will soon start to suffer. At your business best So how can you find the confidence boost you need to focus on the task at hand without any of those nagging doubts? Hair fibers are one solution many professionals turn to for the confidence they need to perform at their best. There is a range of hair fibers on the market, but we genuinely feel that Kerafiber is the best hair fiber product currently on the market concerning quality and price. Our happy customers certainly back this up. There are plenty of advantages associated with hair fibers over and above other hair thinning products. KeraFibers provide an immediate solution. Spray the fibers onto dry hair in the morning, and you will benefit from a thicker head of hair for the rest of the day. The electric charge that bonds each hair fiber together provides a secure solution until you wash the hair fibers out in the shower. It provides the needed longevity for dinner meetings and after work, drinks to go without a hitch. Explore new opportunities Thinning hair can harm the confidence of men and can often dictate their choice of career. When we are feeling insecure, we often retreat to the familiar. It is easier to stay in a job where you may not feel valued or fulfilled than to look elsewhere. It takes confidence to look for something new, and when first impressions are so important, thinning hair can hold you back if you let it. The best hair fiber allows you to regain control of your life, fulfill your potential and be the best possible version of yourself, both professionally and socially. Win new business and make more sales When making a purchasing decision, the quality of the people you invest in is often just as important as the products and services on offer. To instill the trust and confidence a buyer needs to work with you in the future, they must receive your full and undivided attention. All of us have seen those bungled pitches on programs like - Dragons' Den - that are frankly painful to watch. Even with a strong will in the world and a product which would leap off the shelves, someone who suffers from a lack of confidence is simply uninventable. Do not let thinning hair undermine your confidence and your professional reputation. That is when the best hair fiber can provide the boost you need to stand up, be counted, and perform at your best.

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The Science Behind Hair Colouring

The Science Behind Hair Colouring

Jun 02, 2020

Hair colouring is a matter of chemistry which has now developed to a very common lifestyle for some. For a number of years now the hair colouring industry has been exceptionally profitable. The trade of at-home hair dye kits alone is worth a projected £321million annually. \ Hair lightening/bleaching facts The bleaching process is used to lighten the hair. This is done by the peroxide agent which normally has a yellow tint that reacts with the melanin in hair removing the colour. This is known as an irreversible chemical reaction, where the bleach dissolves the melanin molecule within your hair. At this point there is still melanin present in your hair, however, the dissolved molecules are colourless.  Once your hair is bleached it is likely to have a pale yellow tint, this yellow colour is the natural colour of the structural protein in hair known as keratin. Bleach is known to also react more with the dark eumelanin pigment than with phaeomelanin, hence why some red or gold remaining colour may endure after lighting. Hydrogen peroxide is a popular lightening agent, the peroxide which is the alkaline solution unwraps the hair shaft allowing the peroxide to react with the melanin in your hair. Temporary hair colouring  Both semi-permanent and temporary hair colours are likely to guarantee acidic dyes onto the outer hair shafts or may consist of minor pigment molecules that may slip inside the hair shaft. This result then comes from using a small amount of peroxide or in some cases even none whatsoever. In other cases there could be a collection of colourant molecules moved into the hair to formulate a huge complex inside the hair shafts.  Hair colouring products that do not contain ammonia are known as temporary hair dyes, where regular shampooing will ultimately remove the temporary hair colour. This hair colouring method means that the hair shafts are not yet opened up during the process leaving your natural hair colour to remain retained after the product washes off. Potential health risks Scientists have claimed that millions of women use hair dyes that may contain chemicals linked to potential health risks, also explaining that these risks are contained within both home hair colouring kits as well as the dyes used at expensive salons. However, despite it being a heavy difference of opinion, the cosmetics industry has disputed the claim. Products infused with chemically-based hair colouring can cause allergic reactions, leading to severe eye and skin irritation states the American cancer society. In rare cases, irritation involving the eye can lead to blindness. Therefore it is advised for products to be tested on a small area of the skin before being used on the hair and scalp for safety reasons.

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Bradley Cooper & Non-Surgical Approaches to Hair Loss

Jun 01, 2020

Bradley Cooper’s star has shined incandescently since his Hollywood breakthrough in the 2009 explosive comedy The Hangover. Since then, Cooper has scooped leading roles in American Hustle, Silver Linings Playbook and The Place Beyond The Pines. So there’s certainly no doubting Cooper’s credentials in front of the camera; but is there any reason to doubt the surety of his follicles? Well, the Hollywood rumour mill has been churning, and despite those beautifully tight curls in American Hustle, rumour has it that Cooper’s follicles’ days are numbered. Of course not all rumours can be believed, and certainly not those emanating from Hollywood, but if the veracity of the reports are proved, this will surely bring a little solace to all those men who are suffering the same scourge. Bradley Cooper picked up the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ title in 2011, and hey, if the sexiest man alive is experiencing problems with hair loss, there’s plenty of hope for us mere mortals too!  Cooper’s Remedy If reports are to be believed, then Cooper’s approach is a refreshing one. Whilst other Hollywood A-listers turn back the hands of time with expensive hair transplants, Cooper has reportedly opted for a comparatively affordable and readily available solution that's widely avaliable. Bradley Cooper’s has apparently used Propecia, a brand name associated with the finasteride drug. Propecia is often bought online, although an assessment of your condition will be required before the tablets can be bought. It’s great to see a millionaire actor and role model showing that costly, sometimes painful hair loss treatments are not the only recourse. Propecia is available for as little as £12 a week, and can help prevent hair loss in some men, while encouraging some regrowth in others. It's usually used on men with mild to moderate hair loss, where hair is receding or balding on the top of the head. Hair fiber spray Perhaps one of the most popular initial hair loss remedies for those who are unhappy with their thinning hair is KeraFiber. This hair fiber spray is a popular option which covers the problem area with keratin fibers, the protein occurring naturally in hair. The fibers help to create a thick, natural looking barnet which can withstand the inclement weather conditions we experience here in the UK. The secret behind hair fiber spray is the electric charge, which effectively bonds the fibers to each other and to your existing hair, leaving you with a secure solution which will last all day before simply washing out in the shower. Treatments in tandem Confidence and hair loss are intrinsically linked, but just imagine the impact when you live your life in the limelight. If reports surrounding Bradley Cooper’s hair loss are true, he has done an excellent job concealing it. The use of complementary treatments, such as Propecia to reduce hair loss and hair fiber spray to increase the thickness of hair whilst the Propecia takes effect, could well be the approach Cooper has taken to keep his hair looking thick, lustrous and truly red carpet worthy.   

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Male Pattern Baldness

May 05, 2020

Male pattern baldness (also known as androgenic alopecia or alopecia androgenetica) is a type of hairloss which occurs when there is an underlying susceptibility of hair follicles to androgenic miniaturization. This is a very common cause of hair loss which affects a number of men (more than women) at some point in their lives. The hair line begins to decline typically at the temples and vertex balding, although for women their hairs generally begin to thin over the top of their scalps.  The male pattern baldness has an effect on more than 80% of men over the age of 40 or even younger at a point in their lives. Most men effected with this find it normal and do not see the need for treatment but if required, treatment would usually prevent further hair loss, cause hair regrowth or completely recover hair.  The cause and effects of male pattern baldness The cause of male pattern baldness can be either genetic, male hormone, testosterone or an environmental factor may play a role. Throughout your life you have a hair growth cycle which involves new hair growth as well as shedding. Generally the following takes place in men as they begin to gradually become bald: The affected hair follicles on your scalp slowly develop smaller than usual. Your new hair becomes thinner as the follicles in your hairs shrink.  Before your hair falls out, each new hair grows for considerably less time than 3 years or more. In the end all that remains are considerably smaller hair follicles and a stump of hair that no longer grows out to the skin surface of your head.  Did you know: “hair follicles change testosterone into another hormone called ‘dihydrotestosterone.’ Male Pattern Baldness cures/treatments The journey of slowly loosing hair to then becoming bald is a normal part of life. Most affected men find no need to discover a treatment. But for some men baldness can be upsetting and worrying, generally because it may become excessively early in life and in this case treatment may then help. On the plus side there are two medications that can aid treat male pattern baldness – finasteride launched in the UK in 2001 and minoxidil a rub on lotion.  Both of the above are great effective solutions but there is debate as to how effective they’re, which are all worth looking into before purchase. Scalp Surgery  There is the traditional wig option (as a hair loss concealer), and lastly scalp surgery such as hair transplantation. Techniques such as scalp flaps, hair transplantation and a number of other procedures which have been used for many years now are great, but the success rates differ therefore seek advice from a doctor who specialises in hair transplants if you are considering surgery.  Did you know: “Baldness can be caused by emotional stress & sleep deprivation” The business and research of hair loss treatment and prevention is extremely vast, with universal and topical therapies with varying grades of efficiency. In the USA alone it is now a multibillion-dollar industry.

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