Building Fibers Spray Applicator

Fits both the 12g and the 28g size. KeraFiber Spray Applicator The KeraFiber Applicator applies fibres precisely into thinning areas. It significantly...
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Fits both the 12g and the 28g size.

The KeraFiber Applicator applies fibres precisely into thinning areas. It significantly improves the great result you get when using KeraFiber Hair Building Fibers.

Using the sprayer makes it easier to disperse the fibres uniformly, so they look even more natural.

The Applicator provides more economical use of your KeraFiber bottle.The Applicator targets specific areas. It's ideal for the front hairline, especially in conjunction with the Hairline Optimizer. Also great to cover up roots and blend hair extensions.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 92 reviews
Mrs G Mitchell
Can’t open it

I have tried every which way to open this applicator but I simply cannot open it.
Very disappointed :-(

Zoe Baldock
Precision Master!

Highly laudable for its precision in applying fibres to thinning areas. Made my hair look fuller and healthier.

Tracy Reynolds

In todays complex world, the simplicity and efficacy of this applicator is refreshingThe efficiency of using this applicator leaves me amazed every day. Precise application made possible even in thinning areas.

Megan S
For Both Sizes!

Not many products gives such versatility. Fits both 12g and 28g size bottles, broadening its usefulness.

Sarah P
Unparalleled Precision!

Most effective at targeting specific areas, no more worries for those thinning spots. The preciseness is truly unparalleled.