At KeraFiber we believe in 100% customer satisfaction. We are pleased to be offering a product that is actually changing people's lives and welcome and love the customer testimonials that we receive daily.


Mark Samson

I am 26 years old and already had a hair transplant. My DR. recommended I also use KeraFiber to completely conceal the thin areas. My hair loss has been the worst thing to ever happen to me. It is constantly on my mind and every time I go out I am embarrassed by my hair, so I usually wear a hat. It was so bad I got my transplant. There is no better combination. Once I have the fibers in my confidence is back and I feel like a new person. I know it sounds crazy but your product really changed my life.


Jared Wulwick

Kerafiber really works. As you can see from my before and after photos there is such a difference. Not only in my appearance, but also in my confidence. Within 10 seconds I have a full head of hair. No one can even notice it in my hair. My close friends can't even notice, they just compliment me on thinking I got a new haircut.


Bob Davidson

I am an advertising executive on the run. I have 2-3 meetings every day and not only am I selling my experiences but I am also selling myself. It is important that I look as good as I can as I am selling an image. I saw your article in the New York Post and at first I was skeptical but then once I tried it, I am a huge fan! Being in advertising you can imagine all the products that claim they can do something but rarely deliver. I wanted to give you guys a real testimonial with my before and after photo. Thanks guys.


Fran Savman

I was at dinner with a close male friend of mine who has very thin hair. When we arrived at dinner I was amazed. I asked him if he had a hair transplant, as his head was full of hair. He smiled and told me about Kerafiber. Immediately I went home and ordered a bottle and thankfully you had the color that matched my hair. Your product is a life saver. Thank you so much.


Julia Dash

My boyfriend is a happy customer of your product. When I saw how amazing it worked on him, I tried it for myself. As you can see with my before and after photos my hair looks completely different. No one ever notices my hair with the fiber in place. It looks so natural it's incredible. I usually wear my hair in a ponytail and when I do you can see my scalp, which always annoys me. Since using your product I am so happy. I wanted to share you my experiences so women like me know there is a product out there that works and is simple as putting on makeup.






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