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How can Supplements stop Hair Loss?

            To answer this question, we have to understand what is inside the normal hair growth supplements. There is a variety of hair supplements in the market, but the most common ingredient within most of them is an organic compound labeled Biotin. Here, we would introduce biotin to you and explain its benefit for your hair. Overview             Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H, is water soluble B-complex vitamin which plays an essential role in maintaining our health. Research indicates that biotin assists in the production of fatty acids, the metabolism of amino acids, along with the  stabilization of glucose levels. Biotin is also found to accelerate various metabolic reactions involving the transfer of carbon dioxide. However,...

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How to choose the best Dry Shampoo?

            If your hair is colored or dry, it would be essential that you reduce the frequency of hair-washing, to twice or three times a week. In order to accomplish this, you would definitely need the help of a Dry Shampoo. As we previously mentioned in the Tips section, there are a whole range of different dry shampoos in the market, and now we will tell you how to choose the most suitable dry shampoo for yourself. Know your hair type Dark hair: An average dry shampoo may make your precious hair look dull, or in the worst scenario, make it look grey. In this case, it is recommended to use a starch-based cleaning spray. Fine...

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All about Hair Loss

For those that suffer with hair loss, it is definitely a big worry for both men and as much women. Some have stated that it tends to be extremely nerve-wracking, due to the amount of hair loss as it varies on the individual. If you have an unexceptional amount of hair loss after a casual hair wash or a quick brush during the day or before bed you tend to get worried that you’re on track towards baldness. In many cases that is not the issue. Each day you lose about 50-100 hair strands which frequently turn out to be tangled with all your hairs, which then get washed out with whilst your shampooing which at some points may seem a...

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Why is using Dry Shampoo a good idea?

            Gaining popularity in recent years, dry shampoo has become an essential alternative for some ladies, but remains as a mystery to the gentlemen. Even among the ladies, opinions toward dry shampoo vary: some sing the praises of it like it is the second coming, while some simply claims that it just doesn't work on them. Here, we will tell you what a dry shampoo is, if you haven't known it already, and how to apply it. What is dry shampoo?             Dry shampoo is a powdered substance, which absorbs the oil and dirty that makes your hair greasy, used to clean hair. Just like washing your hair with water. Then the first question is, why...

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All you need to know about hair!

Hair has been an important part of the way people view themselves and each other. Over the years many trends have come and gone, but the importance has always remained. We've put together some of the most interesting facts relating to the humble hair:    

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