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Can celebrities tackle industry age discrimination?

It's not easy being over the hill in Hollywood. In an industry that puts youth and beauty on a pedestal, those tell-tale signs of ageing can be a big problem for big stars. Forget playing the romantic lead, forget about attractive beach shoots, once mother nature starts to take her toll on the appearance of celebrities, doors start to close and the ever-present risk of winding up “washed up” looms ever closer.  Hollywood and celebrity culture is ageist. That's a fact. Although some older male stars like George Clooney still find themselves in great demand and even continue to gain female admirers in later life, this is generally the exception which proves the rule. And perhaps it's no coincidence that...

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Confidence is key in job interviews

The job market is starting to look a little healthier, certainly in the private sector anyway, and whilst unemployment levels are down and the number of opportunities for every level of applicant is finally starting to increase, the level of competition out there is still extremely fierce. This point could not have been better illustrated by a recent Radio 4 documentary, which followed the story of a branch of Costa Coffee that opened last year in Mapperley, Derbyshire. The coffee shop hit the headlines after 1700 job hunters applied for just seven jobs. Based on those odds, you have a 0.4 percent chance of getting the job. So, when you’re down to the final stage of the recruitment process, the last...

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Who Uses Hair Building Fiber?

All sorts of people use KeraFiber for all sorts of reasons. There are many different treatments available for people suffering from hair loss and natural balding; this can include surgical procedures as well as natural treatments like hair building fiber. Natural hair fiber treatments are highly effective as they are made from keratin proteins – the same proteins found in your natural hair. Natural Hair Loss People who suffer from natural hair loss can benefit from hair fiber as this will allow them to instantly have more volume and a thicker, more natural looking head of hair. Natural hair loss, or involutional alopecia, is not uncommon, especially in elderly people as hair can start to thin out as they advance in...

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