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Hair Thickening Fiber: How Many People Could it Help?

Hair thickening fiber is definitely a welcomed solution to many. We know this much from the positive feedback we consistently receive from our happy customers across the world. They tell us that they like the fact that it is natural, speedy and pretty inexpensive.  Our simple but effective treatment has helped thousands combat the effects of hair loss and we only expect this number to increase over the forthcoming years. With more than 55 million people suffering from noticeable hair loss in the United States alone, hair thickening fiber has the potential to help millions of people to reduce the effects of hair loss. Since one in seven men suffer from a genetic variant that increases their risk of balding, treatments can help to...

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The Benefits of Natural Hair Fiber Over Surgery

When it comes to hair loss there are a variety of treatment options available. However, some treatment options are better than others and it is always recommended that you carefully consider all the options before you choose a specific treatment option. Surgical Hair Restoration Surgical hair restoration has been recommended for many years to patients who suffer from hair loss. This procedure involves taking DHT resistant hair from the back and the sides of your own scalp and transplanting them into the areas where balding occurs. Although it is seen as a very effective solution to hair loss, people often don't realize the risks associated with these surgical procedures. Natural Hair Fiber Treatments Hair fiber treatments have become the solution...

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