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Is Hair Loss Concealer suitable for me?

Hair loss concealers, such as KeraFiber, are proven to provide a fuller and more energizing look to their users. However, a word of warnings, these naturally extracted proteins are not for everyone. To find out whether you are a lucky one suitable to use hair loss concealers, you would need to understand how far your hair loss has progressed. The Norwood Scale It is a chart designed to identify how bald a person is, mainly used by gentlemen, and is scaled from one to seven. The larger the number, the more hair loss one is suffering.  Scale     Percentage of hair loss     Hair loss rate       Scale     Percentage of hair loss    ...

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Can hair loss concealer combat ageism in Hollywood?

There's no denying that Hollywood is not the greatest friend of the ageing process. Looking young and glamorous is part and parcel of life on the red carpet and the silver screen. So what happens when that tell-tale sign of getting on a bit starts to plague the beautiful people of Tinseltown? Very little ages a glamorous individual like hair loss. The first signs of a receding hairline or thinning on top are instant indicators that a big star is starting to near the end of their career and, unfortunately, a thinning do is all too obvious under the glare of the spotlights. The problem is that youth is worshipped in Hollywood. The media love the young, beautiful and sexy....

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How Effective is Hair Loss Concealer?

It is estimated that around 35 million men and 21 million women suffer from this problem in the U.S. alone, proving just how valuable and beneficial an effective treatment can be. When it comes to hair loss, this condition is not only reserved to men; according to the American Hair Loss Association, it’s estimated that around 40% of American sufferers are women. Although this is a natural occurrence for the majority of patients, there are certain medical conditions that can also contribute to this condition. With so many different causes behind this, it is important to understand where your specific condition comes from and how to choose the best treatment for your specific requirements.    There are many different causes of...

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